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  • High class European thief Gaston Monescu meets his soul mate Lily, a pickpocket masquerading as a countess. The two join forces and come under the employ of Mme. Colet, the beautiful owner of the Colet perfume company. Gaston works as Mme. Colet's personal secretary under the alias Monsieur La Valle. Rumors start to fly as 'M. La Valle' steals Mme. Colet away from her other suitors. When the secret of his true identity catches up to him, Gaston is caught between the two beautiful women.

    - Written by Gary Jackson <garyjack5@cogeco.ca>
  • When Gaston Monescu meets Lily in the south of France it seems like a match made in heaven. He is a con artist and she an expert pickpocket. After trying to steal from each other they quickly realize their fortune is to be made by working together. They eventually arrive in Paris where Gaston, under an assumed name, gets a job as the very rich Mariette Colet's personal secretary. He is soon controlling her vast empire and by the time the police and others realize just who he is, Gaston has found out that her board of directors have been fiddling the books. He's also fallen in love with her.

    - Written by garykmcd
  • Gaston Monescu, world-famous thief, and Lily Vautier love each other for their wicked (and clever) ways. Gaston manages to insinuate himself into the home, and the heart, of wealthy and beautiful Mariette Colet--risking his own heart and Lily's jealousy in the process.

    - Written by David Metzler <metzler@mit.edu>
  • A gentleman thief and a lady pickpocket join forces to con a beautiful perfume company owner. Romantic entanglements and jealousies confuse the scheme.

    - Written by L. Hamre


Opens with a man lifting a trash can and moving it across the street. He dumps the contents on a small boat...

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