Three Wise Girls (1932) Poster


Dot: You know, addressing envelopes ain't' as tough as it's cracked up to be.

Cassie Barnes: No?

Dot: No. There's a lot of money in it. I doped the whole thing out a while ago. At a dollar and a half a thousand, if I sell an envelope to everybody in the United States, I'd make fifty thousand dollars!

Cassie Barnes: That's swell. Have you figured out how long it's going to take you to do that?

Dot: Oh, um... About two-hundred and fifty years.

Cassie Barnes: I had no idea there was such a future in it.

Gladys Kane: Listen, kid, did you ever hear of a game of pool that has to do with the Eight Ball? Well, the idea of the game is not to hit that particular ball, see? If you do - you lose. But if you land right behind it, you can't help yourself, can you? You've got to hit it. Well, that's the way it is when you get mixed up with a married man. You're always behind the Eight Ball. You *always* lose.

Jerry Dexter: I thought a ride in the park would


Jerry Dexter: calm your nerves.

Cassie Barnes: Well there's nothing wrong with my nerves.

Jerry Dexter: No?

Cassie Barnes: No.

Jerry Dexter: Well maybe you'd come with me. I need the air.

Cassie Barnes: Yeah? Well I'm giving you the air.

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