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  • Johnny Lovo rises to the head of the bootlegging crime syndicate on the south side of Chicago following the murder of former head, Big Louis Costillo. Johnny contracted Big Louis' bodyguard, Tony Camonte, to make the hit on his boss. Tony becomes Johnny's second in command. Johnny is not averse to killing anyone who gets in his and Johnny's way. As Tony is thinking bigger than Johnny and is not afraid of anyone or anything, Tony increasingly makes decisions on his own instead of following Johnny's orders, especially in not treading on the north side run by an Irish gang led by a man named O'Hara, of whom Johnny is afraid. Tony's murder spree increases, he taking out anyone who stands in his and Johnny's way of absolute control on the south side, and in Tony's view absolute control of the entire city. Tony's actions place an unspoken strain between Tony and Johnny to the point of the two knowing that they can't exist in their idealized world with the other. Tony's ultimate downfall may be one of two women in his life: Poppy, Johnny's girlfriend to who Tony is attracted; and Tony's eighteen year old sister, Cesca, who is self-professed to be older mentally than her years much to Tony's chagrin, he who will do anything to protect her innocence. Cesca ultimately comes to the realization that she is a lot more similar to her brother than she first imagined.

    - Written by Huggo
  • The prohibition of alcohol has led to a flourishing market of illegal liquors, dominated by organized crime. In Chicago the gangs control different parts of the city. As long as each gang limits its activities to its own district, there is peace between them. This balance of power is shattered, when the bodyguard Tony Camonte kills his boss Louis Costillo, and joins another gang. Tony helps his new boss, Johnny Lovo, to expand his market share by going into districts controlled by other gangs, kill their leaders and force pubs to buy illegal beer from Lovo instead. The situation quickly develops into an all-out war between the gangs. Tony wants to be the boss of the whole city. He starts disobeying Lovo, takes over his mistress Poppy, and finally kills Lovo. Tony is now the king, but he has one weak point: his overprotection of his 18-year-old sister Cesca. He forbids her to go out, and to flirt with men. When she breaks his commandments, he gets furious and forces her back home. In those situations he loses his watchfulness, makes mistakes, and is vulnerable for attacks from other gangs and the police.

    - Written by Maths Jesperson {maths.jesperson1@comhem.se}
  • Tony Camonte is a violent and ambitious gangster determined to rise in the Chicago underworld. After Tony kills his boss Big Louie on behalf of South Side mobster Johnny Lovo, he's promoted to being number 2 under Lovo. He warns Tony to stay from North Side boss O'Hara however. Tony is very protective of his family, especially his sister Cesca. Tony is none too subtle about getting rid of the opposition and after he takes a liking to Lovo's girlfriend, takes her as well. He eventually pushes Lovo out and takes on the North side mob. It's the beginning of the end however when he finds best friend Guino Rinaldo with his sister in her apartment.

    - Written by garykmcd
  • Big Louis Costillo, last of the old-style gang leaders is slain, and his former bodyguard Tony Camonte is taken into custody. Since Costillo's body has never been found, the police have to release him, though they strongly suspect Johnny Lovo paid Tony to remove Big Louis. Tony begins taking over the rackets in town with violent enforcement, and he becomes a threat to Johnny and the other bosses unless they work for Tony. Meanwhile, Tony's sister wants to be more independent, but finds it difficult to escape from her brother's overprotective grasp. The dissatisfaction of the other bosses and the relentless pursuit of the police push Tony towards a major confrontation.

    - Written by Ed Sutton <esutton@mindspring.com>
  • An ambitious and near insanely violent gangster climbs the ladder of success in the mob, but his weaknesses prove to be his downfall.

    - Written by Kenneth Chisholm


The film opens with a statement that the film is an indictment of gang rule and a call to the individual to do something about it since the government is your government...

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