À Nous la Liberté (1931) Poster

Plot Keywords

friend factory
escape freedom
worker prison
phonograph ex convict
work law
labor job
jail industry
cell mate rags to riches back to rags
rags to riches mass production
accountant money falling through the air
wedding proposal pneumatic tube
human resources nouveau riche
parvenu petty bourgeois
comradeship employment
businessman wax recording
cut prison bars forced labor
prison labor song in title
title from song france
1930s rise and fall
slip the undergarment wrist wound
trapped slapstick comedy
scaling a prison wall practicing a speech
politics men's washroom
flim flam breaking and entering
love at first sight infatuation
farce wrist
wound working class
wooden shoes winner
wink wine
wind wealth
wallet violin
vagrant underwear
uncle niece relationship trumpet
toy horse top hat
time clock thief
theft tears
suicide attempt success
store speech
song smuggling
smokestack singing
singer shop
school satire
ruse robbery
recording record player
prisoner prison guard
prison escape prison cell
prison break potato
portrait police
policeman photographer
party pants falling down
palace of records painting
music store money
mirror mess hall
melancholy marriage engagement
marching machinist
machinery love
lover line up
liberty inspector
industrialization industrialist
hope hobo
hanging hallucination
gun greed
gramophone friendship
food folly
flowers flashlight
flashback flash forward
fishing fiancee
fate escaped convict
emancipation drink
drinking dowry
dinner dancing
dancer crying
criminal code
class classroom
cigarette smoking chase
card playing capture
capitalism camera
business burning money
bum bumping heads
bugle bowling
bowler hat bound and gagged
body search blood
blame blackmail
big business bicycle
bicycle race beggar
bandage assembly line
applause kicked in the butt

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