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  • Reporter Gallagher loves reporter Smith who marries Anne. He's soon bored being married to a socialite and asks Gallagher to help him write a play. She arrives with a bunch of reporters and the mansion turns into a party. Anne arrives and orders them out and Smith goes with them.

    - Written by Ed Stephan <stephan@cc.wwu.edu>
  • Reporter 'Stew' Smith meets beautiful Ann Schuyler, a rich socialite, while covering the story of a scandal involving Ann's family. Ann takes a liking to the wisecracking Smith and the couple eventually elope. Stew's roots as a street smart reporter don't prepare him well for mixing with Ann's high society friends and he starts spending more time with his 'pal', female reporter Gallagher. Everything comes to a head when Ann and her family return home to their mansion one evening and find that Stew has invited all his 'pals' over for an impromptu drinking party.

    - Written by Gary Jackson <garyjack5@cogeco.ca>
  • Anything that the wealthy Schuyler family does is considered newsworthy. So when a possible scandal erupts within the family, sarcastic reporter Stew Smith is among those clamoring to break the story. But against the odds, Stew and the Schuyler's daughter, Anne, fall in love, and get married. But once married, will Stew be able to fit within the stuffy Schuyler lifestyle, including being part of the newsworthy family? And will Anne be freewheeling enough to hang out with Stew's friends? Most of Anne's family don't like the fact of Stew, and most of Stew's colleagues think Stew is now a kept man. But the one person who keeps her thoughts to herself is Stew's best reporter pal, Gallagher, who secretly loves her colleague.

    - Written by Huggo
  • A young woman from a very rich family impulsively marries a reporter, but each assumes the other is the one whose lifestyle must change.

    - Written by Anonymous


Reporter is platonic friends with a colleague girl reporter who secretly loves him. Covering a breach of promise story...

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