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Alternate Versions

The version on the English Kirch Group DVD includes an added sequence, recently discovered, where Laurel and Hardy rescue the warden's daughter from a burning building during a prison riot. This sequence was recently discovered and added into the film.
A DVD release features an "extended version" running 70 minutes. This version adds a sequence during the prison riot in which Stan and Ollie rescue a woman from a burning building and the clutches of "The Tiger." This sequence had been used in foreign release versions but not in the U.S. version.
"Whatta Stir" is an edited, abbreviated version of the feature recut for 50s TV.
French, German, and Italian language versions filmed simultaneously. The German version is "Hinter Schloss und Riegel."
While originally released at 56 minutes (and only available in that version for decades), a special 65-minute version was released on laserdisc in the early 1980s. This version, running nine minutes longer, includes extra dialogue and musical numbers.
Some versions (including the "remastered" one shown by the BBC) there is a line of dialogue missing from the "blackface" scene, when Stan calls Ollie "sambo".
All of the available prints removed the opening MGM lion and all references to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Loew's Incorporated. The Spanish language version, "Los presidiarios" features all of the scenes added for the extended version; the prison school sequence is absent but there is a fire sequence during the inmates riot not featured in the English version. The opening credits of this Spanish version are lost; instead, there is a Film Classics opener (in English) and then the title with which this film was shown in Spain, "De bote en bote". In all of the other Spanish speaking countries this version was shown as "Los presidiarios".

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