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  • Lora Hart manages to land a job in a hospital as a trainee nurse. Upon completion of her training she goes to work as a night nurse for two small children who seem to be very sick, but something much more sinister is going on.

    - Written by Col Needham <col@imdb.com>
  • After a chance meeting with noted surgeon Dr. Arthur Bell, high school dropout Laura Hart is admitted to a nursing school in a hardscrabble big city hospital through his influence. Along the way she befriends a bootlegger with a bullet wound, but with the help of wisecracking co-worker Bea Maloney, she becomes a proficient nurse, and the young women graduate. Their first assignment is caring for two little girls in a seemingly respectable Fifth Avenue apartment inhabited by a dipsomaniac mother, indifferent housekeeper, and brutish thug of a chauffeur. Lora suspects the girls of being coldbloodedly starved to death but runs into indifference when she confronts the youngster's sinister doctor and her own supervisor, Dr. Bell. Lora is faced with the choice of resigning and abandoning her charges or staying.

    - Written by duke1029@aol.com
  • Despite being turned down by Miss Dillon, the head nurse, as she doesn't have the necessary qualifications, penniless yet streetwise Lora Hart is able to use her charms on Dr. Arthur Bell, the chief of staff, to obtain a position as a probation nurse at the hospital. She ends up rooming in the nurses' quarters with fellow probation nurse, cynical Miss Maloney, who takes Lora under her wings. They are assigned to the night shift for four weeks, a shift where the criminal element is more likely to come into the emergency ward. It is there that Lora meets a bootlegger named Mortie, who falls for her after she risks her job to help him. In her first post-graduation assignment, Lora is sent into the private care of two children, sisters Desney and Nanny Ritchey, just released from hospital for anemia. Lora is alarmed by the care provided by the attending physician, Dr. Milton Ranger, who seems to be starving the children to death. Lora can't report him without risking her career and while still not saving the children as it's her word against his, a respected doctor. She has to find out what's going on, which seems to have something to do with the children's continually drunk and partying mother, and her chauffeur, Nick. Lora may get some help from someone who knows more about dealing with the criminal element than her.

    - Written by Huggo
  • The aspiring nurse Lora Hart seeks a job as a trainee nurse in a hospital, but the Supervisor of the Nurses Miss Dillon rejects her application. However she stumbles upon Dr. Arthur Bell in the door and he accepts her application. She befriends her roommate Maloney and they work together in the night shift in the emergency room. When the bootlegger Mortie comes to the hospital with a gunshot in the shoulder, Lora treats him and Mortie convinces her to not report to the police. After the graduation, Lora is hired by Dr. Milton Ranger to work for the alcoholic millionaire Mrs. Ritchey nursing her two daughters that are sick. But soon Lora finds that they are starved to death. Further, the brutal chauffeur Nick is plotting to kill the girls that have a trust fund from their father so that Mrs. Ritchey will inherit it and then he marries her. What will Lora do?

    - Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Lora works hard to qualify as a nurse, after which she is sent on assignment to a large house where two young children seem to be wasting away. Amidst the bootleggers and flappers, Lora decides something is seriously wrong. Luckily she has met Mortie who, though involved in some pretty shady stuff himself, is only too ready to help.

    - Written by Jeremy Perkins <jwp@aber.ac.uk>
  • A nurse enlists the help of a petty criminal to foil a sinister plot to murder two children.

    - Written by Michael Crew <m.crew@bbcnc.org.uk>


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