Bill Standish: Ever done any posing before?

Kay Arnold: I'm always posing.

Bill Standish: How do you spend your nights?

Kay Arnold: Re-posing.

Kay Arnold: Hey, what kind of a sap is that guy?

Dot Lamar: He's one of those fellas that even his best friends don't tell him.

Kay Arnold: When a dress costs over a hundred bucks, it's a frock!

Kay Arnold: I feel like getting into trouble!

Kay Arnold: You know the old bromide: when in Greece, open a restaurant.

Kay Arnold: I read somewhere in a book that you cant have your cake and not eat it to.

Dot Lamar: Aw sure you can have your cake and eat it to.

Kay Arnold: Oh yeah how?

Dot Lamar: Eat two cakes!

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Jerry Strong: I'm over 18 years old, you know.

Bill Standish: Well, most men never get to be 18. And most women are over 18 when they're born.

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