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Not quite a French bedroom farce.

Author: robinakaaly from United Kingdom
24 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A young man has to be married by midnight otherwise his inheritance goes to his uncle who lives in a haunted house. His fiancée is flying in from Kansas but her plane is delayed. The man is in debt to his boss who arranges for him to go to the uncle with his moll disguised as his wife, who is engaged to a speed cop. Everybody arrives in the house during a storm, so they have to spend the night there, creating opportunities for a Feydeau farce. It soon becomes apparent that the uncle wants the inheritance himself, and is doing his best to keep everyone else out of the picture, not least by scaring them with a tame panther. Of course it all works out happily. The first part of the film was more interesting with shots of early concreted roads, some unmade mountain roads which I suspect have appeared in more films than any actors, the usual speed cops hiding behind walls to trap motorists, and a Ford Trimotor. Acting awards to some splendid old cars. It was all family fare, but one felt in French hands it would have been more risqué, and the director wished it had been.

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Musical Beds!!!

Author: kidboots from Australia
30 October 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Tiffany was another independent studio who had a prestigious release ("Journey's End") in 1930 but never found anything of the same calibre for it's remaining years. (Grand National was in the same boat when they were able to release James Cagney's initial independent efforts in the late 1930s - they also floundered afterwards). Tiffany was the crème de la crème of the independents and for the time it was around managed to secure some big names - Kay Johnson, Ben Lyon, Helen Chandler, Bela Lugosi etc.

Unfortunately not for this movie - Rex Lease, Tiffany's utility man, was still a handsome leading man overlooked by the majors, however in 1931 in "The Utah Kid" he found a new home and career out on the range as a cowboy hero and later as a villain. In fact the top star in this silly bedroom/haunted house farce is Paul Hurst would you believe?? He plays Paul Morgan, a jealous (he has every reason to be) but mushy cop whose sentiment sees goofy heir Peter Foley (Lease) let off with a warning as he speeds his way to the airport so he can marry sweet Alice (Vera Reynolds) ahead of his rival (Robert Livingstone, another future cowboy star). He has to marry before midnight (yes, it's one of those!) or else the $800,000 inheritance will fall to cranky Uncle Foley (Charles Sellon) who is wheel chair bound.

Enter Julie - Paul's flirtatious girl friend who has the men at her office in a spin -"Poppa's rough today", "You'd bring out the John Gilbert in any man"!!! Vera Reynolds may have the female lead but she is pretty wishy washy next to vivacious Nina Martan who, as man hungry Julie, skips from bedroom to bedroom in a very fetching pair of lounging pyjamas. Martan seemed pretty active in movies in 1930, 31 - then no more. All roads lead to Uncle Foleys's old dark house and pretty soon the romantic comedy becomes a "things that go bump in the night" spoof with secret panels, wild cats wandering around at night and the old "who turned off the lights" trick. Even for 1930 audiences had probably seen all this before!!

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Highly enjoyable mistaken identity/haunted house spoof!

Author: JohnHowardReid
3 October 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a film that you will either hate or love. Frankly, if you can't stand Paul Hurst, you shouldn't be watching this movie, and you've got no excuse because Hurst is the second-billed male star. Rex Lease is listed first but despite this, Lease's role is a subsidiary one. I saw the movie only a few hours ago and I can't even remember what Lease looked like, whereas I can picture Hurst, plus Sam Hardy, Charles Sellon, Harry Todd and even Tom London (who has a minuscule role as the other speed cop) with no trouble at all. The girls are a great bunch too, but don't ask me which one is Vera Reynolds and which one, Nita Martan. But I've no problem with Dorothea Wolbert's Aunt Mary. She is instantly recognizable. Frankly, I regard this highly enjoyable mistaken identities/haunted house romp as director Frank Strayer's beat movie. And it was produced on an expansive budget too. No wonder Tiffany went broke! Available on an excellent Alpha DVD.

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another classic comedy from 1930

Author: cynthiahost from United States
18 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I definitely liked it.Produced by low budget Tiffany studios,who' only big budget film they ever did was Mamba,which has not been restored yet.But this early 1930 classic was definitely funny.Paul Hurst,who looks like he could be W.c. Fields brother and who's face got shot by Scarlett in G.w.t.w.,plays a cop,who is so soft to those who are violating speeding laws if they are going to meet their fiancé.He allows Rex lease to meet his fiancé in the airport.Sam Hardy,Rex s boss, is mad with him because Rex bounced a check .He decides that he's going to call the police on Rex,but, discover that he's going to the air port.So he and his secretary and Paul's girl friend,played by Nita Martan, confronts Rex at the airport,only to explain about his inheritance from his uncle ,played by Charles Sellon,that he has to be married in order to inherit 800 thousand dollars and that he was waiting for his girl friend ,played by Vera Reynolds,to show up from the flight,but she's late.So Sam suggest to use his secretary as a substitute to get th inheritance.This is when the old haunted house story come in.The movie looks like the way the now lost talking remake of Cat in the canary might have looked.The Uncle ,being in a wheel chair Rex s Aunt Mary,played by Dorathea Wolberts.Well, Lease and Hardy and Nita shows up with lease lying to his Uncle that Nita is his wife,but, every one is waiting on Lawyer Winstead,played by Harry Todd,and he hasn't showed When Paul Hurst show up,after Lease ran him down and knocked his motorcycle down,Mary invites him too to spend the night,this is Rex has to hide so Paul won't catch him and Nita has to hide too case Paul is jealous and gets violent .Finally Vera shows up at the haunted house with Robert Livingston,aka Bold Caballero,engaged to be married,which angers lease,but ,is forced to pretend to be married to Nita,to get th inheritance.Then Nita really want to get married to Rex for his money and he doesn't like that .So everyone is having to spend a night in that haunted house ,but a scream is heard out,and a bob cat keeps coming into the house,Nita is missing,but, Rex is glad.Rex finally convinces Vera that he was not really married to Nita ,but,was a substitute cause she was late.It turn out that the lawyer was in the cellar unconscious and the uncle disappears.As the now conscience lawyer tries to marry Rex and Vera before midnight to inherit the fortune,now she disappears.Paul is searching the house to find out whats going on.Rex finds Vera in between the wall,of the haunted house tied up.Both can't get out of the walls yet.The lawyer ends up marrying them ,while they are still in between the walls.It turns out that the uncle set all this up cause he wants the inheritance for himself.Nita is found inside a grand father clock and Paul beats up Sam,but,decides not to put charges on Lease for knocking his motor cycle down.One of the interesting early film comedies of the early 30's 06/19/13

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3 out of 8 people found the following review useful: about a contrived plot!!

Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
15 March 2013

The plot to "Borrowed Wives" is pretty bad--and 100% ridiculous! Peter Foley owes money but cannot pay it off until he marries. This is because he is receiving a stipend from his Uncle Henry and it will only be increased when he gets married. He plans on marrying his sweetheart but when her train is delayed, Mr. Parker INSISTS he be paid off NOW or go to jail. And, Parker suggest they use his secretary to pose as Foley's wife in order to make the uncle happy and release the inheritance. This is an amazingly contrived plot--but it gets worse. It seems that Henry and his wife live in a spooky old haunted house!!!! AND, then the woman who Peter planned on marrying arrives at the house with another man!! What?!?!?!?!?! Does any of this make any sense and is there any part of this plot that doesn't sound stupid? If you answered no to both these questions, then I can pretty much say the movie is not worth your time. If, somehow this sound like a good film, then by all means try it--just don't invite me over to watch this turkey!

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