Uncle Tom's Cabin (1927) Poster


NOW YOU CAN HEAR AS WELL AS SEE (original print ad - all caps)
Greatest Human Drama Ever Screened!
Carl Laemmle's $2,000,000.00 Romance of the Old South.
"UNCLE TOM'S CABIN" With MOVIETONE YOU SEE YOU HEAR (original print ad - all caps)
Replete with Tingling Surprises
All the Many Thrilling Dramatic Moments---The Life of the Old South---The Whistle of the Steamboat Around the Bend---Banjos in the Moonlight---The Baying of the Hounds---A Superb Treat Replete with Tingling Surprises---You'll Hear and Enjoy the DIXIE JUBILEE SINGERS---You'll be carried back to a Quaint Forgotten Life---You'll Lose Yourself in the Sublime Old-Time Melodies as Played by A Famous New York Augmented Symphonic Orchestra
Two Years In The Making...Millions To Produce!!
With A Cast Of Thousands!
The $2,000,000 Motion Picture
You'll just roar at Topsy and Lawyer Marks

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