The General (1926) Poster


Plot Keywords

general confederate
train love
spy attack
escape girl
army soldier
confederate army forest
pursuit locomotive
rescue 19th century
train movie written and directed by cast member
caught in a trap two word title
foot caught in trap surprise attack
big shanty georgia falling into a hole
hands held over head sandbag
person in a sack western and atlantic railroad
door knocker boy
train car on fire hit on the head with an acorn
acorn falling on someone's head acorn
carried over someone's shoulder pulling down a telegraph pole
bound and gagged washing hands
hand over mouth sleeping
barrel supply train
baggage car boxcar
captain train robbery
train accident lost
rock river bridge trppping over a loose sword belt
fording a river bugler
bugle exploding dam
fort sumter south cariolina exploding train car
stabbed in the butt with a sword destruction of a bridge
gunfire broom
oven lieutenant
accidental shooting held at gunpoint
flooding flood
war hero hero
jumping into water unconsciousness
knocked unconscious sprayed with water
train train collision lantern
running train tracks
bending a train track rail burning a bridge
union flag confederate flag
flag steam engine
wooden bridge foot caught in a bear trap
water tower climbing through a window
hunger foot caught in an animal trap
caught in a bear trap sleeping on the floor
guard waterspout
water tank trying to enlist
bartender american south
photograph military uniform
bridge military encampment
tent arm in a sling
arm wound wound
retreat locked in a room
hit on the head sentry
jumping into a river train chase
falling into mud falling off a log
bravery u.s. soldier
confederate soldier union soldier
u.s. army union army
sneezing great locomotive chase
telegraph operator cutting a telegraph wire
rain woods
battering ram dam
rural setting murder
train falling into a river bayonet
rifle shooting
covered wagon chopping wood
jumping off a train jumping onto a train
cigar smoking map
stealing a train theft
thief running after a train
explosion cannonball
kentucky horse and wagon
horse and carriage horse riding
horse falling off a bicycle
train conductor kiss
falling off a porch step pratfall
train engine marietta georgia
chattanooga tennessee brother sister relationship
chase father son relationship
breaking and entering literally kicked out
shot with a cannon man in love
admired by a child actor performing own stunts
velocipede sight gag
post office physical comedy
enlistment bear trap
bridge collapse arson
telegraph trestle
train wreck train theft
train engineer thunderstorm
tennessee sword
suitor small town
slapstick comedy salute
gunnysack railway chase
railroad hand car lightning
kidnapping infiltration
georgia fire
father daughter relationship farce
falling into water dam burst
covered bridge bicycle
bear battle
axe animal trap
1860s cannon
railway hiding under a table
sabotage american civil war
river military enlistment
death of mother based on true story

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