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Another Western (Contains possibly spoilers)
silentmoviefan11 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This film was just another Western film, really. I liked it okay, but there wasn't really anything spectacular about it. It has the typical happy ending of your average Western film. Two highlights of the film are the animals, Boy the Horse and Lad the Dog. Both add quite a bit to the picture. Also, it was hard to tell right off that the bad guys were bad guys. Star Yakima Canutt, also famous as a stuntman, had his own production company, so he is the star. The heroine wasn't terribly attractive, but that's true of a good percentage of silent films. The copy I viewed was from Sinister Cinema and it was fairly good quality. The bum, played by Nelson McDowell, gave about as good a performance as anyone in the picture. Another thing I noticed about this picture was that I had not heard of any of the actors before viewing it, except for Yakima Canutt. I guess that's just the way things worked then. I also wasn't aware before viewing this film that Yakima Canutt had his own production company. I'll give it a 6.
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