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For swashbuckler and Tom Mix fans
psteier27 June 2001
In eighteenth century England, gentleman highwayman Dick Turpin (Tom Mix) overcomes many difficulties to rescue his sweetheart from a terrible marriage.

Fox attempted to recast Tom Mix as an adventure hero. Unfortunately, he still seems as happy caressing the horse as the girl. The action sequences are well done, especially the bare knuckles boxing match. Good production values, costumes and sets. A cast of hundreds.
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A big disappointment
JohnHowardReid1 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Fox no doubt thought they were on a real winner when they cast the studio's top money-making star, Tom Mix, as Dick Turpin (1705-1739), a real-life, super-vicious highwayman whom legend turned into a hero. Unfortunately, the film survives only in a rather poor black-and-white dupe of the five-reel cutdown Kodascope version which makes the film's expensive production values look like cost-saving stock footage from Poverty Row. It also treats its stars so unkindly that I didn't even recognize Alan Hale as Turpin's fellow highwayman friend, Tom King, so it was no use trying to spot Gary Cooper, Carole Lombard and Buck Jones in the crowd. Even Bull Montana's Bully Boy doesn't seem to be in the movie any more! Of course, no Tom Mix outing would be complete without Tony and, as usual, he's given his share of the limelight, but I'm no fan of Tony's. Give me Trigger or Champion any day!
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