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Alternate Versions

In 1992, The Harold Lloyd Trust and Photoplay Productions distributed a 59-minute version of this film, in association with Thames Television International and Channel Four, with a musical score written by 'Adrian Johnston'. The addition of modern credits stretch the time to 60 minutes.
Original version of the film contained a scene where the Hubby sets down a bunch of packages, including a live turkey, on a mailbox while he ties his shoe. A post man comes by and loads everything into his truck. He is gone when Harold looks up from his shoe, and finds everything missing. It seems like a funny gag, but it had no effect on test audiences, so it hit the bin.
A long sequence was shot for the film in which Harold attempts to kill the Thanksgiving turkey he has brought home. He talks to it, puts a little blindfold over it's eyes, and places some feed on the chopping block, on a piece of newspaper featuring a photograph of his malevolent mother in law, played by Josephine Crowell. The bird starts eating it, and it appears as though he is pecking at the mother. Harold, seeing this, thows his arms up in the air and exclaims "You're my pal!" The scene was cut after negative preview audiences' reactions to it.

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