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In the English language version, modern watermarks show through the pages of the supposedly ancient "Book of the Vampires".

Character error 

(at around 52 mins) The captain of the ship carrying Nosferatu ties himself to the wheel with a 'granny knot' (which may slip loose), rather than the correct sailors 'reef knot'.


When Hutter sits down on the bed at the inn to read the book about Nosferatu the Vampire, a piece of paper can be seen appearing and then disappearing in the lower left corner of the screen.
When Nosferatu emerges from the ships hull, the wooden "hatch/door" is not attached to anything. Moments later a large arm hinge is suddenly attached to the right side.
When they find the dead ship captain, his eyes are half open in one shot but closed in the next.
After Ellen finishes reading Hutter's letter on the beach, she crumples the paper in her hands. In the next shot the letter is whole again.

Crew or equipment visible 

When Hutter is going to bed in his room at the inn, a waving arm of a crew member (holding some piece of cloth) can be seen at the far right corner.

Revealing mistakes 

When Hutter is writing his letter to Ellen in Count Orlok's castle, the paper that he is meant to be writing on is clearly blank throughout the scene.
When Orlok has loaded the crates onto the cart, he climbs into the last one and the lid "levitates" into place. This magic trick is achieved by stop-motion animation, but the cart horses do not hold their position and shatter the illusion (their heads jerk about completely unnaturally while the lid is in motion).

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