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Max draws a string that forms itself into Koko the Clown. The remaining string is connected to Max's ink pen, and Koko can't pull himself free. Max helps out by cutting the string with a pair of scissors. Koko playfully uses the remaining string to form a lady's hairstyle, a hat and finally his familiar clown suit.

Max throws Mexican jumping beans onto the drawing board. Koko is afraid of the bouncing seeds, but manages to catch one and plant it. It grows into a giant beanstalk. Koko climbs it and disregards a sign that warns him against continuing, but only because Max urges him to go higher. Koko leaves planet earth and enters another world. He meets up with an angry giant that has an enormous head and a relatively tiny body. Koko escapes by jumping back to earth, where he slams painfully into the ground.

Koko vows revenge. With a rubber stamp, he creates an army of self-duplicates. Marching in formation, they leave the drawing board and head toward the cowering cartoonist. The Kokos lasso Max and tie him up, but he cuts himself free with a pocket knife. Before Max can exact counter-revenge, the multiple Kokos have jumped safely back into the inkwell.


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