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  • This film is in the public domain, which means that anyone can legally distribute a video copy without paying royalties. Only a few will take the trouble to find a good print or spend money improving the one they have. You may find the film on any number of cheaply-priced discs. Finding a copy with good picture and sound is another matter. Shop around.

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  • The Mark of Zorro (1920) has no music score. It's a silent film. The music you're hearing was added by its distributor. The quality of the music on DVDs of silent movies varies from distributor to distributor. Some record original scores, some carefully piece together a score from public domain sources and some slap on an irrelevant soundtrack. This film does have good distributors that use good music scores. Shop around.

  • Try watching a silent film without one. When the music is good, it adds to your enjoyment of the film. Even a mediocre score is better than nothing.

  • Yes. Silent movies were shown with live musical accompaniment, which meant anything from a single organist to a full orchestra, depending on what theater you attended

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