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After serving his time for a crime he did not commit, ex-convict Jimmy Doyle is determined to go straight for the one he loves, Nancy Preston. Thereafter, Doyle notifies the man who framed him, Detective James Tierny, that any further false accusations will result in his death. Double-crossed by former pals, Doyle is sent back to prison but escapes in time to rescue Nancy from Dave Monteith, one of the colleagues who betrayed him. But when Monteith is killed by an accomplice, suspicion points to Doyle as the murderer. Desperate, he and Nancy run away to a small town where, because he once studied medicine, he becomes an assistant in his uncle's hospital. Meanwhile, Tierney is closing in on Doyle when he suffers an attack of appendicitis from which only Doyle can save him. Resisting his baser feelings, Doyle performs the operation and saves his foe's life. Finally, word arrives that the real murderer has been found, then Tierney gives Doyle and Nancy his blessings.

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