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Mayhem in the Classroom
boblipton29 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Pretty new schoolteacher Ethel moves in and both Billy and Babe want to be teacher's pet.

This is one of the many comedies that Billy West did as the best of the Chaplin imitators. Physically he had down a lot of the mannerisms of Chaplin, even though in terms of characterization he remained fairly rough and ready, quite willing to sin as much -- or more -- than he was sinned against. Hardy was given a beard to make him look like Eric Campbell.

The comedy is performed with rough, painful slapstick (as an example, there is one sequence in which Hardy is stuck in a chair and Ethel tries to pull him out of it, holding onto him by his hair, which comes out in in handfuls), some clever camera trickery, and a supporting cast of 'students' who do bits from the classic vaudeville skit, "Mayhem in the Classroom".

All in all, not one of the better of Billy's Chaplinesque comedies, it is still fun to watch.
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