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‘Guy and Madeline On A Park Bench:’ Listen to an Exclusive Track from Damien Chazelle’s Debut Film Soundtrack Release

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‘Guy and Madeline On A Park Bench:’ Listen to an Exclusive Track from Damien Chazelle’s Debut Film Soundtrack Release
Before “La La Land” and “Whiplash,” there was “Guy and Madeline On A Park Bench,” Damien Chazelle’s debut musical, which he wrote, directed, produced, shot and co-edited while still at Harvard, in 2009. Now, the soundtrack for the Godard-inspired black-and-white musical will be released for the first time ever this March, via Milan Records.

Chazelle’s directorial debut also includes music by fellow Harvard alum Justin Hurwitz, who later composed the songs and scores for Chazelle’s Academy Award winners “Whiplash” and “La La Land”. The director and the composer met while at Harvard, where they played in the same band.

Read More: Damien Chazelle Wins Oscar For Best Director For ‘La La Land

Guy and Madeline On A Park Bench” tells the story of a young couple formed by a talented up-and-coming trumpet player and a shy young woman without any life goals. When they break up, the lovers
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Westworld episode 10 review: The Bicameral Mind

David Crow Dec 5, 2016

The Westworld season finale opens its mystery box, giving us a violent, delightful gift. Major spoilers ahead...

This review contains spoilers.

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1.10 The Bicameral Mind

Of all the films that the Nolan brothers have collaborated on over the years, The Prestige is perhaps the most flawlessly and intricately designed. It seems to effortlessly place narrative layer atop narrative layer until, finally, the end result is the viewer traversing the ever-dizzying design of the movie’s structure without a sense of confusion… yet you’d probably be lying if you said that you knew for certain what was exactly going on the first time that you watched it. The point is that all of the threads
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Never mind the robots, Robert Ford is the greatest 'Westworld' mystery

  • Hitfix
Never mind the robots, Robert Ford is the greatest 'Westworld' mystery
Warning: Spoilers For Westworld Ahead. How old is Robert Ford? It’s a question that has been plaguing me since Anthony Hopkins first appeared on screen, talking to the broken down host Old Bill (Michael Wincott), in the Westworld premiere. The confusion has only deepened with each successive piece of information revealed about Ford’s past. We know Sir Anthony himself is 78, but that means little and less in a future where we’ve cured any and all ailments that currently control the human population. But now that we know the child robot (Oliver Bell) is indeed a young version of Ford, I’m more convinced than ever that the creator of Westworld is older than he appears. There are many incongruities to Robert Ford’s life. The fact his robot family is dressed in ‘ye olden’ clothes despite little chance* of them running into other guests or hosts. Ford
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Sundance Channel acquires five festival titles

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Sundance Channel acquires five festival titles
Films include Irish feature Mammal starring Barry Keoghan.

Sundance Channel Global has acquired five features from this year’s Sundance Film Festival and will exclusively premiere the titles shortly after the festival.

They include Mammal, The Fits, Spa Night, Jacqueline (Argentine) and My Friend In The Park (Mi Amiga Del Parque).

Mammal has been acquired from Picture Tree International Central and Eastern Europe, Iberia, Latin America, and the Middle East and North Africa.

The film, directed by Rebecca Daly, sees Australian actress Rachel Griffiths play a woman who befriends a young homeless man, played by Barry Keoghan, following the death of her son. Mammal is Irish director Daly’s second film following The Other Side Of Sleep, which debuted in Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes in 2011.

The Fits and Jacqueline (Argentine) have been acquired for Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Dutch Benelux, Iberia, Latin America, and the Middle East and North Africa.

The Fits, sold by
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The Park Will Bring Its Creepy Amusements And Psychological Horror To Xbox One & PS4 In 2016

Funcom has announced that Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners will be able to venture into The Park — its amusement-filled psychological horror experience — come Quarter 1 of 2016. This appreciated news comes to us on the heel of the game’s late October PC debut, which was perfectly timed to coincide with Halloween.

In The Park, players take control of a distressed mother named Lorraine, who’s lost her son within a horrifically disturbing amusement park. There, they’ll venture through the shadows with a lump in their throats, as they find out what happened to the boy and learn more about Lorraine, herself. In doing so, they’ll have to deal with some sort of devilish squirrel, whose menacing red eyes are prominently featured in the game’s promo material.

When we reviewed The Park at the end of October, our Joseph Banham praised Funcom’s latest for being “intensely affecting and
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Trailer Trashin’: Sizing Up the New Jurassic World Trailer

I’m back, dear readers. I had a great time on my vacation – I was across the pond in London, in case anyone was wondering – and I’ve returned to bring you more analysis of the latest and greatest movie trailers. As I mentioned, I’d written four Trailer Trashin’ columns to be released over the time I was gone, covering four of the biggest trailers that dropped in the later part of April. But I had some computer troubles with this last one, so I’m presenting it to you now. With that said, let’s take a look at the official global trailer for Jurassic World.

Premise: Twenty-two years after the events of Jurassic Park (1993), Isla Nublar, an island located off Central America’s Pacific Coast near Costa Rica, now features a fully functioning dinosaur theme park, Jurassic World, as originally envisioned by John Hammond – this new park
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At the Armory and Carnegie Hall, the Berlin Philharmonic’s Retro Reinvention

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At the Armory and Carnegie Hall, the Berlin Philharmonic’s Retro Reinvention
Every musician returning to a familiar masterwork claims fresh insight — details that suddenly reveal themselves, a new understanding buried in the score’s infinite riches. Great art is always changing, we’re told, which is what makes it great. This is often hogwash. Symphonic music’s most loyal audiences rely on the fact that most of it sounds mostly the same most of the time. Somehow, though, the Berlin Philharmonic made Bach’s St. Matthew Passion, that old collection of cumbersome glories, feel like a stunningly contemporary drama.The astonishment began before the first note had sounded. The director Peter Sellars had tailored his staging for the Berliner Philharmonie, so the only way to import the spectacle was to bring the hall along, too. In the Park Avenue Armory, someone had assembled immense quantities of scaffolding into a nearly full-scale mock-up of the orchestra’s famous home. Seating encircled the
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Review Roundup: West End's Urinetown

Let's see what the critics had to say...Urinetown, the musical, runs at The St James Theatre until 3 May 2014, starring Marc Elliott EastEndersThe History BoysTape as Mr. McQueen, Richard Fleeshman GhostLegally BlondeCoronation Street as Bobby Strong, Simon Paisley Day SherlockMusketeersTimon Of Athens as Caldwell B. Cladwell, Jenna Russell Merrily We Roll AlongSunday In The Park With GeorgeGuys And Dolls as Penelope Pennywise, Jonathan Slinger HamletThe TempestYes, Prime Minister as Officer Lockstock and is directed by Jamie Lloyd The Commitments, Macbeth, The Hothouse, The Pride at the St James Theatre.
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'House of Cards' premiere react: Blood on the Tracks

'House of Cards' premiere react: Blood on the Tracks
Whoa. Whoa! And in the middle of the season premiere no less. There were many great moments in the House of Cards season 2 opener — some funny, some creepy, many nasty — but all of them pale next to the Cathedral Station shocker. [Spoilers Ahead!]

It took me two viewings of the premiere to grasp the insidiousness of the conversation between Claire and Francis in bed, the episode’s pivotal exchange. ”You haven’t said a word,” Claire said. “No,” said Frank. “Where does that leave us?” she wondered. “I’m fully prepared and I have been for some time,” he answered. “I know
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Pre-Code Hollywood 2: Music, Comedy, Action and Adventure

Pre-Code Hollywood studios spent millions transitioning their medium to sound and other new technologies that brought about major advances in photography, lighting, and set design. But there were still five million unemployed people in the United States and many more just getting by. The studios were losing money, many of them going bankrupt.

By 1930 the breadlines were longer than the ticket lines and people were slow to give up their hard earned money. They wanted to be entertained, they wanted to laugh and forget their troubles for just a while. Comedies, adventure, and musicals quickly became the most popular film genres of the time.

I. Pre-Code Action, Adventure, and Drama

Hollywood took their stories to the far corners of the earth as places like Africa, the South Pacific, and the Far East became exotic settings for movies. An island kingdom somewhere in the Pacific with strange creatures, even stranger natives,
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What to Watch: Oct. 1-7, 2013

Chicago – Another week of Blu-ray, DVD, and streaming options for you to peruse courtesy of’s “What to Watch.” Every week, we gather a select few of the most recent Blu-ray & DVD releases, toss in at least one On Demand option we’ve seen, and present them in a checklist order for you to knock out through Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, or good, old-fashioned Blu-ray (yes, that sounds funny to me too). This week’s is the strongest yet by far. Everything in here is worth a look, all the way down to #9. This is just the order you should watch ‘em in more than anything else.

The Bling Ring

Photo credit: Lionsgate

The Bling Ring

I argued with a few people who saw Sofia Coppola’s wildly entertaining dissection of celebutante youth culture as too shallow and my counter is that most of those people don’t know
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Sdcc: Comic Con 2013: What We Know So Far… Part One, TV

For the very first time this year, The Hollywood News will be heading across the Atlantic, from London to San Diego, to attend the 2013 San Diego Comic Con. The trip is something we’ve been planning since as early as December of last year, and both myself and Craig Hunter will be delving [balls] deep into Hall H (which is apparently where all of the magic happens), to bring you daily reports from the show and beyond.

In just a few weeks time, Craig and I will be packing our bags, getting down to Thomas Cook to exchange some British pound notes for some Us ‘green’ (that’s what the local currency is referred to as on the street), heading to Heathrow airport and, after tucking into a ‘full English’ and a final pint of London pride at the Wetherspoons in the departure lounge, jetting to the climbs of San Diego
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MTV And “Teen Wolf” Geeking Out At Comic-Con

MTV And “Teen Wolf” Geeking Out At Comic-Con
MTV will be bringing back Teen Wolf to Comic-Con this year, returning five series regulars and the new cast members who play the twin Alpha werewolves. They’ll also be hosting a party at Petco Park on July 18th, called MTV2 Party In the Park. For the press release and more details, read on! New York, NY (June 24, 2013) – MTV will be geeking out from Comic-Con International in San Diego all weekend long, beginning on Thursday, July 18 with the highly-anticipated return of a “Teen Wolf” panel featuring all five series regulars and new cast members who play the twin Alpha werewolves, Max and Charlie Carver. Additionally, the network, along with MTV2, MTV News and MTV Geek will be on the ground at Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres, for the first-ever “MTV2 Party in the Park.” Open to all Comic-Con badge holders, the July 18 event celebrating the die-hard fans
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Alien-Goatdemon-Zombie-Ghost – A Review Of V/H/S/2

Warning: There are technically no spoilers that haven’t been shown to you in trailers already within this review. However, if you wish to remain completely in the dark as to what each segment of V/H/S/2 is about, please abstain from reading until after you’ve seen the film. Otherwise, have at it.

When I finished V/H/S for the first time, I expected to log-on to my corner of the internet, and see my friends and colleagues sharing my excitement for the experience. What I found instead, was that I appeared to be in the minority. Everybody had something negative to say about the movie, save for James Harris(Jimmy Terror). I was surprised by this. We don’t get many quality anthology films these days, and I really feel like that’s what V/H/S brought to the table. Sure, some of the segments were nonsensical,
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Review: V/H/S/2

A substantial improvement in both concept and execution over its predecessor, V/H/S/2 is one of horror’s best recent anthologies, even if its fealty to – or perhaps inability to avoid — genre cliches undermines its overall impact. Creating a uniquely eclectic series of found-footage vignettes, its seven directors surpass the imagination and intensity of those in the original V/H/S, reiterating the format’s importance as both a showcase for interstitial creativity between feature-length projects and a testing ground for future ones.

I’m not sure if it’s in spite or because of his gifts as screenwriter of such distinctive projects as A Horrible Way To Die and the upcoming You’re Next that he was assigned the responsibility of creating both films’ wraparound stories, but Simon Barrett takes one for the team as not just the writer this time, but the director as well of the
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‘V/H/S 2′ Review

Stars: Kelsy Abbott, Hannah Al Rashid, Fachry Albar | Written and Directed by Simon Barrett, Jason Eisener, Gareth Evans, Gregg Hale, Eduardo Sánchez, Timo Tjahjanto, Adam Wingard

The horror anthology has received a fair bit of new blood lately with two high-profile effort V/H/S and The ABCs of Death both arriving on a huge wave of hype in horror circles but ended up raining a shower of disappointing poop over us instead. Both indulged in the worst of what this genre’s filmmakers seem to think fans want, splashes of misogyny, gore purely for gore’s sake and the same old story repeated ad infinitum with the same old scares played the same old ways. The insanely quick turnaround of V/H/S 2 (or as its original brilliant title had it, S-v/H/S) was cause for concern but with filmmakers more exciting than those involved in the first instalment,
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Take A Ride in the Park in Latest Countdown Image from V/H/S/2

Another new daily still from Magnet Releasing's upcoming horror anthology sequel 'V/H/S/2' has arrived highlighting the two day wait till its 6 June release. The new pic is a snapshot taken from the Eduardo Sanchez ('The Blair Witch Project') and Gregg Hale co-directed segment entitled 'A Ride In The Park'. Gareth Huw Evans, Timo Tjahjanto, Simon Barrett, Adam Wingard and Jason Eisener ('Hobo With a Shotgun') also contribute to the follow-up project. Check out the new image below....
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Another Countdown Pic! Just Two Days Until ‘V/H/S/2′!

There’s only 2 Days left until V/H/S/2 hits on VOD platforms on June 6th(the theatrical rollout set for July 12th). Magnet is counting down the days with a series of clips and images, the second one of which features hails from Eduardo Sanchez and Gregg Hale’s contribution, “A Ride In The Park.” In the film... Read More
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Meme: Samuel Larsen Chops His Locks, Helen Mirren Drums Up a Smile, Stephen Fry Promotes Homosexuality

Daniel Radcliffe ready to play a dad, Henry Cavill is kind of hot, and Ecuador turns the wrong way on equality

Glee’s Samuel Larsen has had enough of his trademark dreadlocks and has chopped them off, documenting the process with a photographer. I, for one, was not quite expecting what we got in the end.

New Zealand MP Maurice Williamson, who gave the amusing speech just before the vote, writes an open letter to his Australian friends in support of equality there. “You might have seen there was rioting in France after they passed similar legislation. Not in New Zealand. People just carried on with their lives, as I suspected they would. Now, if that’s what the prophesised ‘gay onslaught’ looks like then we’ll take it every day and twice on Sundays. I can tell you that my own monitoring of the Pakuranga Highway, the road that cuts through my electorate,
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Helen Mirren attends gay festival as apology for ranting at drum band

Helen Mirren attends gay festival as apology for ranting at drum band
London, May 27: Helen Mirren kept her promise to a drum band to watch them perform at a gay pride festival in order to make up for ranting at them.

The 67-year-old, who sported a pink attire for the event, told the band : "I said I'd be here and here I am," the Sun reported.

She also said that a "Dame always keeps her word."

The 'Hitchcock' star went to the festival to apologise to Batala London samba band after yelling at them for disturbing her performance at the Gielgud Theatre in London's West End three weeks ago.

Mirren was at the As One In The Park event in East London with film-maker husband Taylor Hackford,.
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