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The sex note in it has been accented
deickemeyer2 December 2017
A burglar plays the part of matchmaker and reunites two people who had quarreled and made themselves very unhappy. The Pathe people had a good offering with a situation essentially the same as this some months ago. Yet the atmosphere of the present Biograph offering is quite different. The Pathe picture accented the comedy in it; the sex note in it has been accented in this picture; only one touch of its comedy really got over. The work of Claire McDowell, when she has written to her lover and decided to shoot herself, is filled with passion. Her work is only the picture's chief merit. She is truly an artist. Charles West plays her lover; Harry Carey, the burglar who, after reading her note, makes her send for him. and when he comes makes him send for the minister, played by Hector Dion. It has been well staged. - The Moving Picture World, October 18, 1913
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