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Kept very convincing by the sincere acting of all concerned
deickemeyer1 September 2017
We count ourselves fortunate in seeing this picture on account of its entertaining story so finely acted. It is one of O. Henry's and Director C.J. Brabin has done well with it. Marc MacDermott is perfect as the splendid scapegrace: Yancey Goree, a ruined aristocrat, a character who has a fine contrast in Charles Ogle's newly-rich mountaineer, who having the man's ancestral home and wanting to become an aristocrat, buys for two hundred dollars his feud with the Coltranes, another old family in the neighborhood. A little weak in its costuming, the picture is kept very convincing by the sincere acting of all concerned. Bigelow Cooper's Judge Coltrane is dignified and full of character. Mrs. Bechtel gives some fine things in the role of the mountaineer's wife; but has made the character a bit too close to the falsely genteel for such a woman. The glory of the picture is the author's: the producer and his cast have worked to make that plain. - The Moving Picture World, May 10, 1913
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