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Juan Alvarado, a Californian, found himself deeply in love with Isabella, daughter of Galvez, the Alcalde. When he made it known that he wished to pay court to the young lady, she announced that no ordinary man could win her hand. Alvarado was not the only one attracted by the fair Isabella. Chico, the cruel and irascible Governor, became infatuated with the Alcalde's daughter and openly insulted her by his advances. When she spurned him, Chico, seeking vengeance, removed her father from office, falsely stating that he was grossly incompetent. The people arose in indignation and demanded that Chico resign from the office of Governor. This he refused and when the people became threatening. he ordered Galvez, the Alcalde, thrust into prison and then asked that he pacify the Californians by appealing for the Governor, a proceeding which the Alcalde refused to consider. The people looked to the young Alvarado as their leader and it was to him that Isabella fame, asking that he liberate ...

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