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Sir Daniel Brackley attempts to force his ward, Joanna, to marry Lord Shoreby, but receiving news of an impending battle, is obliged to hurry to the front. To prevent Joanna's escaping him, he takes her with him, disguised as a boy. Young Dick Shelton (Sir Daniel's nephew) brings reinforcements to Sir Daniel, and thinking Joanna a boy, assists her to escape. Joanna and Dick reach home, closely followed by Sir Daniel, who, becoming suspicious of Dick, plans to have him killed. This plan is overheard by Joanna, who warns Dick of his danger. In the excitement Dick discovers that his supposed boy friend is none other than Joanna, a childhood playmate. They renew their former friendship, which now develops into mutual love, but are rudely interrupted by the approach of Sir Daniel's hired assassins. Dick escapes and hastens to the woods, where he joins the "Black Arrows," a band of outlaws, deadly enemies of Sir Daniel. Choosing Will Lawless, one of their number as companion, they start out...

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