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Agamemmon returns to Argos from the Siege of Troy, bringing, as a prisoner and trophy of war and victory, Cassandra, the beautiful daughter of King Priam of Troy. Clytemnestra, the wife of Agamemnon, has a lover, Aegisthus, who fans the flames of jealousy aroused in Clytemnestra by the arrival of Cassandra, with whom Agamemnon is very much infatuated. With caresses and expressions of admiration, Agamemnon is received by his wife and welcomed by his daughters, Elektra, Chrysothemis, and Orestes, his son. His wife is on the point of following her children from the room when she beholds her husband anxiously looking out of the window and casting longing glances at the beautiful captive, Cassandra, The wife is confronted by her lover, who prompts her to kill her husband with the battle-axe which the King laid aside as he entered the room. Spurred on and lashed into a jealous frenzy, the Queen kills her husband, and when Cassandra, who has seen the murder of Agamemnon through the window, ...

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