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A rare film for 1908
Tornado_Sam6 May 2017
Many of Melies' films for 1908 were melodramatic or comedic, and he basically had to stop making with films like these, since this kind of stuff was no longer appreciated. Apparently, the directer decided to return to his past for a bit by turning this one out. It's in 4 scenes and can be placed in the "dream film" genre.

Here we have a man who is obsessed with opium, a drug of some kind. He falls asleep and has a weird dream involving an enormous glass of beer, a moon lady, and a gruesome and crippled dwarf. In here we also have a moon with a face similar to the one in "A Trip to the Moon."

This is nice but it's not quite among Melies' best. Still, fans of the directer should enjoy it for what it is.
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Another Strange Dream
Michael_Elliott17 August 2012
Dream Of An Opium Fiend (1908)

*** (out of 4)

aka Le rêve d'un fumeur d'opium

A well-dressed man enters an opium den where after a few hits he begins to have a strange vision. The scene then takes place at his home where he pours a large mug of beer and gives it to the moon to drink and this is just the start of his trip. DREAM OF AN OPIUM FIEND isn't quite as good as Melies' best work but I think it has enough going for it to where fans should have a good time. The first thing I noticed is that this opium must be some powerful stuff because the man starts to go crazy after being around the smoke for just a few seconds. Melies plays the opium seller and just wait until you see the wild dance he does. Of all the crazy stuff you've seen in his work, this here might be the weirdest. The dream sequence is actually pretty good and I especially enjoyed the stuff with the moon. To say the scene of the moon coming towards the camera is surreal would be an understatement. This scene is certainly going to remind people of A TRIP TO THE MOON but it's still a lot of fun.
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