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Ashburn VA US [X]

Bad Signs


Joe graduated with an MBA, but works a street sign holder. Not having the job he is qualified for reflects on the poor state of the nation, but working at Big Mike's car dealership has a bright side: Mike's daughter Molly, Joe's high school crush. Joe and his sign holding associates soon learn there is evil brewing as Jeffrey, the scheming leader of an agency of costumed 'advertising artists,' is planning to take control of the industry. Jeffrey conspires with a corrupt local politician to start a trade organization that will change street corners forever. Joe finds himself and his friends losing their street gigs to giant bananas and panda bears. While still trying to impress Molly, Joe gathers his band of misfits including bead shop owners, a goat farmer, a wannabe clumsy stunt woman, and a sexy street stripper to devise a wickedly clever plan to take Jeffrey down. Surprise help from unexpected allies will help Joe lead his group into a confrontation with their costumed rivals, culminating in an explosive action-intense climax. Bad Signs is a comedic mockumentary sure to please a wide audience with memorable characters and hilarious situations.
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