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Ashburn VA US [X]

Episode #1.2 (2011)

  -   Drama | Mystery

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As Gwen, Ellie gets a job with Frances,who confesses to her her unhappy marriage to David,which led her to an affair though she learns little about Milena,beyond the fact that she was a serial adulteress,a fact confirmed by Hugo,who says he is happy that she is dead. She is still imagining Greg to be in her life and so,persuaded by friends,sees a grief counsellor,to whom she admits she cannot grieve until she knows the full facts of his death. A love letter from Milena,supposedly to Greg,found by Ellie's friends,turns out to have been written to Johnny,the handsome Irish chef who is pursuing her. Finally entering Milena's computer she is disturbed by messages between Milena and David,the more so when she finds Frances dead.
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