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Ashburn VA US [X]

Episode #1.1 (2011)

  -   Drama

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In 1933 earnest young James Herriot arrives to study at the Glasgow Veterinary School and rooms with predatory,tipsy Mrs. Munro,along with fellow students,wealthy,cavalier McAloon and the fiercely feminist Whirly Tyson. James impresses one of his tutors,the modern-thinking Professor Ritchie when he correctly diagnoses a dray horse's illness. However James must learn that not all animals can be quickly cured and that sacrifices must be made to keep families together. Whirly falls foul of the reactionary Professor Gunnell,who demands her expulsion, but the apparently indolent McAloon turns up trumps by forcing the college principal,Professor Legge to make Gunnell back down.
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