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Ashburn VA US [X]

Episode #1.5061 (1993)

Drama | Romance

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Sheila visits Lauren once again, to warn her, that if Lauren keeps snooping into Sheila's new life (with Eric Forrester in L.A) she will expose her affair to Brad. Lauren vows Sheila will pay for what she did to her. Victor overhears a tense phone call between Victoria and Ryan, and while attempting to have a peaceful dinner with his daughter, keeps informing her of his displeasure over her marriage to Ryan. This upsets Victoria who walks out on her father. A rejected Ryan ends up dining alone at "Gina's" until Nina (who Gina phoned to come over to see Ryan) joins him. The two end up sharing an intimate moment on the dance floor, until Ryan gets flustered and leaves.Rex informs Katherine over Jill's predicament that John might have had a vasectomy without consulting Jill. Katherine says John made the right decision as Jill has been manipulating the idea of having another baby to John since they remarried. John informs a tearful Jill he went through with the Vasectomy.
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