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The Airship; or, 100 Years Hence (1908)

Short | Comedy

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In this picture we anticipate the probable means of navigation in the coming century. A young lady and a friend are observed entering an air-ship. The vehicle is loaded with ballast, sand bags, vegetables, etc., the passengers carrying spy-glasses. They laugh heartily, shake hands and are off. Another individual is seen equipped with wings scurrying through the clouds. Leaving the aerial navigators for a moment, we see a Hebrew walking down the street. Some sawdust falls upon him. He glances up in a rage, then proceeds on his way. Presently some vegetables drop on him. A glimpse of the air-ship shows the occupants laughing and throwing various articles at the unsuspecting pedestrian below. Some passersby, noticing the Jew having his troubles, stop and look upward, and they are showered with vegetables, etc., as well. A policeman is walking along on his beat when a lot of things fall on him. By this time quite a crowd has collected. An air-cycle cop is summoned, mounts his machine and flies upward. Our Hebrew friend finally reaches his place of business and enters just as a man comes in to pawn a pair of wings. The broker is delighted, gives the loan, tries on his strange equipment, and soars up into the sky. The air-cycle cop gives pursuit, catches the Hebrew and clubs him. He falls through space, lights on the moon for a moment, then drops down, down into the ocean. We see him sinking lower and lower until he strikes the bottom of the sea. He flirts with the mermaids, but a whale suddenly appears and scares the poor man almost to death, then devours him. On board a ship the sailors are fishing. The hooks are baited and thrown overboard. We see it descending until the whale swallows it and is pulled up on deck. The sailors beat the struggling fish, cut it open and our Jewish friend comes out and does a Hebrew sailor hornpipe.
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