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Ashburn VA US [X]

Brave Women of '76 (1909)

Short | Drama | War

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A little company has left a village for the front. The women are left alone. Word reaches the Captain that a party of Hessian cavalry anticipate a descent upon the place, and circumstances preventing his being there, he sends a message of warning. His wife and daughter quickly summon all the neighbor women and with guns and any implement handy they hasten to repel the foe. Over a small stream is a bridge which they fire. The Hessians advance but thinking an ambuscade prepared for them depart with disorder. The women win the day and are marching home triumphantly, when to their surprise they overtake a regiment, which proves to be their own local company. The wives and sweethearts with characteristic disregard of military discipline lovingly embrace their own and the company is overjoyed at the reunion.
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