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The Incybers (2010)

  -   Family

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Deep in your computers live colonies of itsy bitsy electrons named Incybers. Some, like Pixie and her family, live in Heypaul City and care for their carbon footprint. They recycle, value creativity, eat healthy, and seek balance between work and leisure. Others, like Windy Bug and his friends, live in Pissiztown, hard working, strictly following procedures, taking a few-minute breaks only to eat pizzas and processed foods, and drinking plenty of coffee and soft drinks. Then there are many mean viruses and bugs, led by the dreadful and sneaky Mike Rosoff, interfering with everyone's work and trying to take over the Incybers. When Mike Rosoff and his goons steal the revolutionary hi-tech U-phone from the Heypauls, Windy Bug gets into serious trouble on the trail to retrieve it.
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