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Ashburn VA US [X]

How to Be the Life of a Cocktail Party (2010)

  -   Short | Comedy

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'How to Be the Life of a Cocktail Party', is a satirical short film examining steps necessary in establishing oneself as a proper party guest. This film mocks our society's rules, taking our social standards to such extremities that the film's tone, premise, and nature quickly turn into an absurdist satire. The film is divided into four overarching lessons: making a first impression, conversing with guests, drinking properly, and exiting the party. Our narrator follows Joanne, a relatively unremarkable woman in her mid-twenties. When it comes to understanding proper 'cocktail party behavior,' Joanne is undoubtedly ignorant; however, through the guidance of the narrator, both Joanne and the audience are able to better comprehend what it takes to become the life of a cocktail party.
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