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Ashburn VA US [X]

The Effect of a Shave (1908)

Short | Comedy

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A well-to-do business man leaves his home for his office. After dictating his letters and transacting his business, he leaves his manager in charge, and visits his club. He is a baseball fan of most pronounced type, and a firm believer that the "White Sox" will win the pennant. He has made a wager with a fellow club member that his favorite team would beat the "Tigers," the loser to have his hair clipped and his beard and moustache shaved. This they consider a great sacrifice, as both are inordinately proud of their hirsute adornments. Our friend is informed at his club that he has lost and must pay the wager. He leaves the club in a cab for the barber shop, and after a great comedy scene with barber, emerges hairless. The cab driver does not recognize him, refuses to allow him to enter the cab, and after various ludicrous adventures he reaches home, where he is greeted as an insolent intruder. His wife sets the dog on him, who chases him down the street. After many trials and tribulations, and being ejected continually as an impostor, he returns to the barber shop, and between threatening and beseeching, he induces the barber to apply a magic lotion. The scene shows how the particles leap from the floor and adhere to his smooth face and his bald pate, and so triumphantly he returns home and is welcomed by his wife and children.
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