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Ashburn VA US [X]

Episode #1.5 (2002)


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The trial is now approaching the end. Jeremy Crawford borrows heavily against his flat to buy into Mark Waters' latest scheme. Johnnie Donne is feeling more than a little tender from his beating. Charles Gore tells his advisor that he will not be returning to the seminary and continues to help Elsie Beamish. When her husband drops her off at the courthouse, Rose wonders why her husband has a baseball bat in the car. Peter Segal's wife finally tells her father to mind his own business. In court, the barristers make their final arguments and summation to the jury. As the jury deliberates it is apparent that there is a wide variety of opinion about the defendant's guilt, with only a small majority voting to convict; several are still undecided. Afterward, Rose tells Johnnie that she is married and that the beating he received was likely inflicted by her husband. He goes on a drinking binge.
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