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How the Squire Was Captured (1910)

Short | Comedy

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This comedy starts in church, where we see a country squire trying to flirt with a pretty girl across the aisle. The said pretty girl, being full of ideas (perhaps somewhat induced by the young man behind her who whispers in her ear), intimates to her maiden aunt beside her that the squire's sheep's eyes are being cast at her (the aunt). Strange to say, the old lady is not so much displeased as one might expect, but smiles rather demurely and almost coquettishly. Then there comes a note from the same squire, addressed to Miss Cora Lee, the pretty girl aforesaid. She shows it to the young man, likewise aforesaid, and they laugh at the idea of the squire addressing her. Again the girl has an idea and changes "Cora" so that it looks like "Cordelia," which is the maiden aunt's name, consequently the letter finds its way into the hands of the older lady, who at once responds by giving the squire an invitation to call. When he does call and tea is served in the garden he finds that he is being entertained by the aunt. Of course he is terribly disappointed, for try as he will he is unable to leave the elderly maiden's side for one little minute, but he makes the most of a bad bargain and adapts himself as best he can to the situation. After this experience he can take no chances, so he sends a pretty red shawl to the young girl with the message that he hopes she will wear it that evening in the garden. The plan in which the letter was concerned having worked so well, the girl presents the shawl to the aunt and tells her that it is from the squire also. Of course auntie is much pleased, and is only too happy to agree to the squire's condition and wear the shawl in the garden. The squire is not long in coming. He approaches softly and speaks in a low tone to the figure within the summer house and sees an affirmative nod of her head. Then the squire, mustering all the courage that is in him, proposes to the lady wearing his gift, and is gently and sweetly allowed to take her hand in acceptance of his offer. And then comes the denouement. The squire, clasping in his arms the unresisting form of his now affianced wife and gently raising her head to his that he may seal the betrothal with a kiss, discovers to whom he has proposed and by whom he has been accepted. He starts hack in amazement, but at that instant there is a soft laugh behind him and, being a wise old man, he understands what has happened. The young people come down from the tree and. approaching, hold out their hands in earnest congratulations. And the squire, being a real sport even though he is a country squire, says to himself, "It is not such a bad bargain, after all, and I will refuse to let these two young scapegraces have the laugh on me." Consequently he takes the extended hands and shakes them warmly, responding gallantly to the proffered congratulations. And then there is a quaint little touch of heart interest, for the young girl asks auntie if she may have the youth at her side, and auntie, out of the goodness of her heart and willing to share her responsibilities with her new-found lord and master, asks him for his consent to the marriage of the young people. He looks at the pretty girl, swallows hard and given the desired consent.
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