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Ashburn VA US [X]

Part 1 (2009)

Comedy | Drama | Romance

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Rising Hollywood start script writer Aaron Mason is the talk of the town in Beverly Hills: tall, handsome, charming, witty, son of obscenely rich Texan oil barons. Clarissa Alpert, the 'poor girl' fashion consultant in a pack of airhead socialites, just realized her looks won't last much longer, so she decided to marry a good catch now, and Aaron seems just perfect. Although he sees right trough her courting tricks, they fall in love and ultimately get engaged and even married. Meanwhile however, super-rich and generous former fiancé Simon Taylor got her in bed one hit, drunk night and probably is the father of her baby. Newly wed, Aaron tells Clarissa his furious parents disinherited him, so their luxury days are over. When she visits his folks' vast Texan estate, she finds out that was a lie and leaves him, without pondering that means actual poverty.
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