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Ashburn VA US [X]

Episode #4.9 (2008)

News | Talk-Show

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Suzanna Reid read the latest news headlines and Matt Taylor forecast the Weather. Daily Mail columnist Amanda Platell, and broadcaster Jonathan Dimbleby reviewed the Sunday news papers with Andrew Marr. Former communications director to Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell, spoke to Andrew about his new novel "All in the Mind" and why mental illness is the subject of his first novel. Malian Kora virtuoso Toumani Diabaté, spoke to Andrew about his life in music. Oscar-winning film director Oliver Stone spoke to Andrew about his life and work especially his current film, "W", a biopic of current American President, George W. Bush. Via video link Andrew interviewed Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague MP about the current ongoing media storm surrounding ministerial meetings with Russian Oligarchs. The discussion moved on to other topics such as political party funding, the "Credit Crunch", the performance of the government during the current financial crisis, the outcome of the American Presidential election, and finally his role in a future Conservative government. Toumani Diabaté played out the show.
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