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Ellada - Kina: Mikroi dialogoi politismou (2008)

  -   Documentary | History

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Documentary that captures the way that time carved out the course of two ancient civilizations: Greek and Chinese. It sheds light on cultural and historical interaction of a distant past but also reveals the exciting modern face of the two countries, as it is shaped by the dynamics of architecture, art, and theater. The documentary highlights the constant juxtaposition between points of convergence and divergence of the two great civilizations that survived the test of time, while they managed to form new characteristics in a rapidly changing world. The viewer will have the opportunity to watch the highly distinguished architects, Alexandros Tombazis and Bernard Tschumi, the controversial, international artists Feng Zhengjie, Qi Zhilong, and Alexander Georgiou, as well as, the acclaimed stage directors Luo Jin Lin and Theodoros Terzopoulos.
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