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Ashburn VA US [X]

Brave Swift Eagle's Peril (1911)

Short | Western

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Swift Eagle, a Sioux brave, meets Bright Feather, Cheyenne maid, and their love is mutual. The Cheyennes find the hostile warrior's footprints and give chase, but Swift Eagle eludes them. Daringly he returns at night to meet Bright Feather. White Crow, a Cheyenne, comes upon the scene and Swift Eagle conceals himself. The Cheyenne forces his attentions upon Bright Feather, and the Sioux flies to the assistance of his lady love. The camp is aroused and Swift Eagle is captured and condemned to be burned at the stake. Bright Feather slips away, jumps on a horse and gallops madly to the Sioux camp where she tells the plight of Swift Eagle. A war party hastens back and swoops down on the Cheyenne camp as the flames are mounting toward the tightly bound Swift Eagle. He is rescued and in the battle that ensues the Cheyennes are defeated, and the lovers are joined in marriage.
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