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Ashburn VA US [X]

Contamination (2008)

  -   Thriller

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A Russian billionaire is brutally killed on the outskirts of Moscow. Vasily, a simple school teacher becomes an unwilling witness to this murder during his routine morning bike ride. The police, unable to find the criminals, begin to suspect Vasily and he quickly becomes the prime suspect. At the advice of his daughter, who also happens to be his attorney, Vasily allows himself to be placed in a psychiatric ward to avoid being incarcerated for the false accusation. It is believed that a fictitious diagnosis will help her father's case, but Irina doesn't realize that she has handed her father into the hands of a psychiatrist, Dr. Korzunov, who is conducting inhumane experiments that no medical professional would ever accept.

When Irina visits her father after his admission to Korzunov's clinic, she begins to suspect that something is terribly wrong. She begins to uncover the truth about the psychiatric hospital and the evil genius who runs it. A battle ensues which take Irina and her innocent father into the terrifying corridors of the twisted mind of an unrestrained, brilliant psychotic.
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