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Out of This World (1954)

Certificate Approved   -   Documentary | History | News

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This was filmed in 1949 when Lowell Thomas and Lowell Thomas Jr. took a journey to Tibet before the Red Chinese had moved in. It shows Tibet as it was then and, for that matter, as it had been for centuries. The most important thing in Tibet was religion, and it shows the people firm in their faith, living a simple life under the absolute power of the Grand Lama. The long and difficult journey to Lhasa was made possible by the authorities who hoped to show the world the simple life in Tibet and to ask for aid against the Communists, who were even then threatening. In Lhasa, the Thomases visited the palace of the High Lama,where a rare-interview was granted. The way back to "civilization" was difficult, especially, since Thomas Sr., was seriously injured in an accident that made him a stretcher case during the return.
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