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A Gentleman's Gentleman (1913)

Short | Drama

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Having been informed by his lawyer that he is near the end of his inherited resources, Jardine, a young society man, orders Holmes, a servant who has been for many years in the Jardine family, to sell a part of the family plate. Instead of complying with big young master's request, Holmes hides the golden plates and gives Jardine his own scanty savings. With this money Jardine squares himself with some of his more persistent creditors. He accepts an invitation to a house party because of his fondness for Lady Sarah. His devotion being not sufficiently strong to subdue his gambling passion, he enters a game of bridge. He loses everything and is compelled to give an I.O.U. As he is leaving the card room he finds a pearl necklace which he appropriates. In his room a realization of what he has done comes to him and he attempts to force Holmes to conceal the necklace. But Holmes refuses indignantly. Having been informed by his daughter of her loss, the Earl goes to Jardine's room where Holmes admits to having committed the theft. But just as the police are leading him away Jardine tells the truth, thus exonerating his servant. After the incident Jardine starts to Canada with his servant, where he begins life anew and tries to make himself worthy of Lady Sarah.
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