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Ashburn VA US [X]

Get-Rich-Quick Billington (1913)

Short | Comedy

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Billington has a fine social position, but no cash with which to maintain it. At his club a flood of unpaid bills caused him to confide in Jake Cohen, a mine promoter, who has cash, but no social position. Cohen offers Billington a half interest in his business if the latter will sell some stock to his rich friends. At a dance in the home of the Billingtons, Cohen delights the fancy of Billington's rich aunt, Nancy, a spinster. The next day the authorities haul Cohen and Billington out of bed and off to a cell on a charge of swindling. Aunt Nancy, when she learns that Cohen is in trouble, writes a check to cover the claims against him. When Billington and Cohen are free, Aunt Nancy holds out her arms to Cohen. Cohen looks at her, then at a passing train, and takes the train.
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