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Ashburn VA US [X]

Episode #3.8 (2007)

News | Talk-Show

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Suzanna Reid read the latest news headlines and BBC correspondent Alan Johnston, broadcaster Esther Rantzen and author Ken Follett reviewed the Sunday news papers with Andrew Marr. Alan Johnson talked about his 114 days of captivity in Gaza and his extraordinary release. Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond MSP talked to Andrew about devolution in Scotland and his parties' plans for full independence in the future. Andrew interviewed actor and director Robert Redford about his new film "Lions for Lambs" which he hopes will provoke political debate and inspire a new generation of film makers to produce this genre of films. Deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman MP talked about her election, the current state of Labour in the polls, possible changes to the Abortion Act which reached its fortieth birthday this week, and various womens' issues such as trafficking.
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