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Ashburn VA US [X]

The Gladiators from Capua (2008)

  -   Drama | Family | Fantasy | History | Mystery

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The children join an admiring crowd reveling at the arrival in Ostia port of gladiators from the famous Capua training school, although they are bought by the ambitious senator Africanus to entertain emperor Domitian privately. After Nubia wonders if her never before mentioned brother-gladiator Tahaqo could be among them, Jonathan and Caudex go see for themselves, but the trainer Barbatus, who sold off Caudex as slave once for refusing to kill, seizes them both, despite his golden ring from Titus, to replace a gladiator who was bitten while feeding the tiger and puts them with his gladiator group, which Jonathan remarks to be mostly far beneath Capua's champion reputation. Flavia doesn't dare tell Mordecai ben Ezra where they are, but Lupus bravely snoops at night, and she follows in the morning. Jonathan is convinced Barbatus must have another purpose, training a boy a day before a performance being absurd...
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