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Har Haosher (2002)

  -   Documentary

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Fate summoned director Yaky Yosha to a crossroad that future time may consider an historic turning point in Judeo-Christian relations. In the winter of 2000, Yosha and his crew documented all stages in the building of a massive amphitheater, for the one hundred thousand people scheduled to participate in an open air mass Pope John-Paul II would lead on the Mount of Beatitudes - where two thousand years earlier, Jesus of Nazarath gave the "Sermon on the Mount" to his followers. For six weeks, two-dozen Jewish contractors and Christian priests worked back to back and against all odds, confronting deadline as well as deadly weather conditions. It was their finest hour. "Har Haosher" ("Inherit the Earth") is a moving testimony of the great efforts invested behind the scene of Pope John-Paul II historic visit in the Holy Land.
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