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Ashburn VA US [X]

Mean Well (2006)

  -   Comedy

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Two devils, Elvie and Godo, go through an apartment building complex in search of an angel-sent-down-to-earth-to-live-a-week-of-normal-human-life to tempt and gain points from so as to win the annual contest for devils, the winner of which gets one wish granted. Elvie, the more senior of the two, wants to level-up and get her own demon minions; while Godo, a relatively-recent "fallen", would wish to be able to get back in heaven. Unbeknownst to Godo, his low level doesn't qualify him for the contest and Elvie is just using him to get more points. As they search for the angel-sent-down-to-earth-to-live-a-week-of-normal-human-life, they try to tempt the tenants of the building- with mixed results. Who among the building tenants is the angel-sent-down-to-earth-to-live-a-week-of-normal-human-life?!? Which devil will get a wish granted?!? Will everyone go to hell?!?
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