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School Ties (2007)

  -   Comedy

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Ryan built a shoe-carousel for his six months anniversary with Fran, so what can she give him? She goes for strip- classes, from obviously queer dance instructor Allan. Josh expects a surprise for his birthday on Sunday, so when she asks him to make himself scarce on Saturday 'for a girls book club' -actually to strip for Ryan- he assumes that's to be his surprise party. Ryan loves his self-unwrapping present, till Josh walks in on them. Alison's unorthodox 'self-expressive' school project has Fran, Ryan and Josh visit the principal- it's a piñata in the shape of the team mascot, which spills not just peppermints but also condoms, as a protest that the school budget for sex seduction was cut to pay for new athletic equipment. After witnessing the atypical family dynamics, which they all defend, Josh not quite, Sir decides she turned out better then could be expected and lets her off.
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